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L. Himmelman Elastomers Ltd. believes that education of our youth and community development are key to world peace and prosperity. It is therefore the focus of funding from both a personal and corporate perspective.

The company has for several years been a donor for community development through Plan Canada and other non-profit organizations in El Salvador, Haiti and Guatemala. Lately, we have turned our attention to female youth education in Third World countries. Education for young women, in a number of these countries, has been set aside for barter, marriage and human trafficking. Our expanded education funding and/or support to Because I Am a Girl Canada (a charitable arm of Plan Canada), World Vision and African Mission Services has provided educational opportunities for young women in Kenya, Burkina Faso, Columbia and Honduras. Additionally Africa Mission Services has partnered with the Masai community, North American donors and short term volunteers to build schools and medical clinics as well as clean water projects, providing medical services and health education. We took the opportunity, in 2011, to visit and sponsor young women at the African Mission Services in Kenya and, in 2012, to visit and assist in community development ventures in El Salvador.

While our focus is youth education and community development, we are supportive of land conservation and wildlife protection. In the past we have contributed to Nova Scotia Nature Trust and Mahone Islands Conservation Association, both Nova Scotia land conservation agencies. During the 2011 Kenya tour, the company decided to become a sponsor of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization dedicated to the protection of elephants and rhinos whose populations are being depleted due to poaching for the sale of ivory.

Locally, L. Himmelman Elastomers contributes annually to Feed Nova Scotia, Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank, the Nova Scotia Veterans Association, the Police Association, Mi’kmaq Friendship Centre and the Society for the Protection of Animals.

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